Laboratory Service Design

Laboratory service design

Laboratory Service Design is where true partnership starts with Sysmex UK

Technology Choice

Our approach to a Managed Service is a vendor independent approach where customer preferences are respected and listened to. During the pre-tender phase we work with our customers to gain knowledge of needs and preferences in every department so that the solution proposed reflects a true understanding of the requirements of the pathology service. This approach gives the customer the opportunity to design their service in line with their needs. Sysmex UK has relationships with a wide variety of Partner Supplier companies in all of the following disciplines ensuring your requirements can always be met.


Laboratory Design

Designing your laboratory for the 21st century is not something which can be rushed. The needs of the service, the pressures facing it, and the inherent constraints must be fully understood before a proposition can be made. To ensure a Sysmex Managed Service delivers a solution that is fit for purpose, Sysmex UK workflow specialists trained in LEAN 6-Sigma use their experience to learn the detail of your service requirements before proposing a solution. The design of your new laboratory is discussed in detail as part of the overall solution design process to ensure your satisfaction with each element of it. The proposed solution may include GLP Systems Total Laboratory Automation technology to provide open and flexible automation that can grow with your needs. Through the open and flexible design of the GLP Systems tracking, this technology enables all areas of the laboratory to benefit from total laboratory automation ensuring efficiencies are delivered throughout the service. GLP Systems technology is designed to act as the laboratories automation backbone which can be added to and expanded throughout the life of the contract thanks to its open and modular design, as the needs of the service change. 

Sysmex Middleware Solution

IT solutions are critical in a 21st century laboratory which is why Sysmex UK can supply a universal and open middleware solution as part of a Sysmex Managed Service. The Sysmex middleware solution is provided in the form of the Instrument Manager software from Data Innovations. This class-leading product delivers a universal user interface for all disciplines in the laboratory, regardless of analytical platform, in conjunction with powerful data analysis tools and quality control monitoring functions.

The Sysmex middleware solution enables users to manage the data flow through their laboratory in real time while giving the insights needed to ensure optimum service operation. A flexible rule engine allows intelligent automated result and reflex processing across all connected analytical solutions while real time dashboards provide up to date information on system status, workload throughput, and turnaround time performance.


Ex-Laboratory Services

We recognise that when designing a laboratory of the future, the design process should not stop at the front doors of the pathology department. There are many external factors and processes that impact on the successful performance of a laboratory which this is why our approach to service design also includes operations outside of the laboratory. This includes consultancy over logistics including sample transport in primary and secondary care, product deliveries and also waste removal. Advice on service modelling and payment mechanisms is also available to potential customers to ensure they are aware of all possible options.