Sysmex Synergise

Sysmex UK has a long history of providing Managed Service contracts to the UK and Irish Healthcare markets 
since their introduction into the Pathology sector. Through our experience working as a partner supplier to 
primary contractors in over 100 contracts, or by taking on the role of the primary contractor, we have developed 
a strong pedigree in managed service contract provision. 

This experience has allowed Sysmex UK to develop a deep rooted understanding of the direction of travel for future 
managed service contracts and the real requirement of 21st century pathology services. Sysmex Synergise is designed 
around the specific needs of the modern pathology service. True Partnership and Real Choice are the foundations upon 
which the Sysmex Synergise is built and leverages the relationship between us, our partner suppliers and our customers. 

Synergise provides true partnership and real choice through its five key elements.

Service Design

Laboratory Service Design is where true 
partnership starts with Sysmex UK.
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Management Services

Working in partnership to deliver 
a best in class service.
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Consultancy Services

Ensuring your pathology service evolves 
to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
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Expansion Services

Supporting the growth and development 
of your pathology service.
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Our core service provision ensures 
your service is fully managed.
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