Business Expansion Services

Business Expansion Services

Supporting the growth and development of your pathology service.

Commercial Support

Using our commercial experience to grow your service.

We provide commercial support to our Sysmex Managed Service customers which includes tender bid response support, the running of mini competition procurement exercises for new equipment, and business strategy development. Experienced Sysmex Business Consultants work with Sysmex Managed Service customers throughout the contract to continually seek opportunities to expand and grow the scope of the contract where possible.

Service Development

Developing the scope of your service.

We work closely with our managed service customers to identify opportunities to repatriate send away tests and to novate services into the Sysmex Managed Service to deliver further efficiency savings.

Technology Showcase days allow partner suppliers to exhibit their latest developments which can be forecast through the Equipment Planning and Investment Groups which we facilitate to support the introduction of new technology. These support services help to develop the scope of the Managed Service and the services offered to users by the laboratory.

Marketing Support

Turning your service into a marketable commodity.

Sales and Marketing is an area of business that Sysmex UK has a wealth of successful experience in. Our marketing team, in conjunction with our Business Consultants, support customers to develop a marketing strategy that maximises opportunities while identifying threats and minimising them. Delivered through a series of workshops, this approach helps Sysmex Managed Services customers to develop their pathology service into a marketable commodity.